Assisting our DVA Clients

The 3DMind Team has helped thousands of DVA clients who become medically discharged achieve successful transition to civilian life and work.

One such client is ABBM Liam White (formerly Navy) who sent us the following at the end of his program with 3DMind Solutions and provided permission to publish:

“When your time comes to separate from the ADF, it can be quite a daunting, stressful and full on time. During my separation, 3DMind Solutions provided immense support at this initial stage to ensure my smooth transition.

Once my transition to civilian life was complete, 3DMind provided huge support and resources in my further study and my RPL. I then required further surgery and my 3DMind case manager, was always there to offer assistance and was constantly checking on my progress and well-being.

Once I was approved to return to work, the 3DMind team worked tirelessly in acquiring a role for me. Once placed at TAFE on the program I was in constant contact with 3DMind to ensure the program was running smoothly and suited my medical restrictions. I was successful in obtaining a contract to stay on at TAFE post the program and this is all thanks to the assistance and ongoing support from the 3DMind team. I will forever be thankful to the team at 3DMind.”

ABBM Liam White (formerly Navy)