3DMind Team – The Vocational & Occupational Rehabilitation Specialists

Assisting Our DVA Clients

The 3DMind Team has helped thousands of DVA clients who become medically discharged achieve successful transition to civilian life and work. One such client is ABBM Liam White (formerly Navy) who sent us the following at the end of his program with 3DMind Solutions and provided permission to publish:


"When your time comes to separate from the ADF, it can be quite a daunting, stressful and full on time. During my separation, 3DMind Solutions provided immense support at this initial stage to ensure my smooth transition…”

ABBM Liam White

(formerly Navy)


Another client is Private Jared Hyde (formerly Australian Army) who comments:


“The 3DMind Team were very supportive and played an important role in the recovery process. The team gave assistance with household aides and job opportunities to assist me in the future.”

Private Jared Hyde
(formerly Australian Army)


“Having 3DMind on my side has been fantastic, especially as the middle person between DVA and I and to be honest has helped me be less of a head case. I came to 3DMind not knowing where to go, now I am working full time and building a home for my family.”

Private Blake Allen
(formerly Army Artillery Regiment)

Assisting other clients


"3DMind Solutions helped me back into the workforce after an illness. They were very professional, caring, understanding, and assisted me in locating employment. They also helped me change career paths. I highly recommend them."

Honor Deane
Gold Coast


“I thought I’d email you all to say a huge thanks for your help in getting me working again. I'm not sure how often you hear from people you have helped but I believe it is important to acknowledge those who have helped along the way and you were all very helpful. So, I am on my way in an industry that I have always wanted to work in and I am over the moon. Thanks again and I hope this email reaffirms, in a small way, that the work you do with people struggling is very important and makes a huge difference.”

Joel (surname requested to be withheld)
QSuper Client

3DMind Team Building Workshops

Feedback regarding our Team Building Workshops sourced from participants, Queensland State Government department:


"Learning to connect with others’ styles and voicing the behaviours relating to behaviours was very useful."
"Well presented and found coming up with our team’s aspirational values and behaviours was great."
"Helpful session. Really highlights where we can improve."

Various Participants
Queensland State Government Department


3DMind Resilience Booster Sessions

Across 2017, 250 participants attended our 2 hour Resilience Booster Session (available inhouse only) and feedback included:


"Very informative and highlighted a lot of things I am going through right now"
"Excellent workshop. I got a lot out of it"
"I think this should be compulsory for all staff. Thanks so much!"
"Good session; created awareness plus offered practical solutions"

Various Participants
3DMind Resilience Booster Sessions


Mentally Healthy Workplaces Workshop


A mentally healthy workplace is a functioning and supportive workplace. This workshop will provide the tools and much needed information to enhance your knowledge. Highly relevant and highly recommended.

Joanne Stephen
Education & Training Coordinator, Seasons Aged Care

Host Employment Programs Available DVA Workcover QLD

Both Department of Veterans’ Affairs and WorkCover Queensland provide opportunity to employers to “host” employees who are returning to work following illnesses and injuries. Here’s what they say:


“As a Host Employer, I’m really impressed with the calibre of candidates through the DVA program. We went onto employ one of the candidates under the DVA Employer Incentive Scheme which provided us with an excellent opportunity for ongoing training in the role. 3DMind Solutions understand employers and the demands on our time. They streamlined processes and provided help every step of the way. I would highly recommend using the DVA Host Placement Program.”

Darren Nealis
Managing Director, Australian Leak Detection